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"When I first started going to Arrowhead Physical Therapy I had constant pain in my upper back and shoulder. I was very discouraged! I now have no pain. I am so grateful to Sharon, Caleb and Nicole and everyone else. Everyone was friendly and patient throughout and kind!"
Jul 22, 2022
"Everyone at Arrowhead Physical Therapy on Union Hills in Peoria are the best. I started out in s wheelchair and am now walking with a Walker and starting to walk with a cane. They are highly skilled and trained and yet personable so you always feel comfortable. I can’t say thank you enough to Scott and Caleb and Nicole who all went the extra mile to help me. I would totally recommend Arrowhead Physical Therapy as first choice for physical therapy. "
Sep 23, 2021
"This was my first time going to physical therapy and could not have picked a better office. Everyone so friendly and welcoming. A big thank you to Scott, Caleb and Nicole you guys are super in your profession. So thanks again and also to the front desk super ladies. "
Oct 14, 2020
"I had a great experience here. My sessions went great and by the time I finished my treatments I felt awesome. I feel almost back to normal again. The PT definitely was the right choice. Thanks to everyone one at Arrowhead Physical therapy"
Aug 21, 2020
"The entire staff at this facility is friendly and knowledgeable. Each one - from the front desk and techs - to the therapists - is attentive and capable. Almost makes one forget why you are there in the first place! I would recommend this office to anyone needing the care of a physical therapist."
Jun 18, 2020
"I am still using the exercises Referred to in the video and find them very beneficial to my knees "
Aug 20, 2019
"Arrowhead Physical Therapy has helped me many times over the years. They are kind, patient, and do their job well. Go see them."
Jun 29, 2019
"I have experienced leg pain for the past 15 months following a surgical procedure. I requested from my Doctor that I go back to physical therapy, specifically, Arrowhead Physical Therapy as they treated me 9 years ago following spine surgery. My results then were awesome, returning to a full active life and now, after 5 weeks of PT, my leg pain has decreased by 95 percent. I do not like the effects of any pain medication and choose to not take it. PT is the long term answer to "reliving". The staff at Arrowhead PT WORKS AS A TEAM to provide long term results to one's recovery. Your program is customized to your personnel needs, the team listens and gives attention to your situation in order for you to gain independence. Arrowhead is my only choice for PT. "
Mar 20, 2019

“This is by far the best physical therapy experience I have ever had! Highly recommend Greg, Mallory and the staff. Six weeks after total knee replacement I am fully recovered. Would not have progressed this far without their help and guidance.”

– Judith E.

“I finished my PT this past Monday. My overall experience was very good. I really appreciated the individual instruction I received throughout the course of my therapy. I have been to 2 other facilities in the past. This is the first place where I had a Physical Therapist with me during each session. It really helps to have the observer to make sure I am in the correct positions to get the most benefit from the exercises. I worked with Michelle and Caleb. They were a good team. I wanted to let you know I truly appreciated the care I was given and how you have this facility set up. I think it made a big difference in my recovery. Thanks to all.”

– Lyn A.C.

“I greatly appreciate the professional and caring treatment you and the staff at Arrowhead PT gave to me.

Starting from my first phone call I was treated courteously and felt I was appreciated as a real person.

Please let everyone know that I thank them for being so nice and so professional. I was also impressed by your equipment…it really helped me improve my condition!”

– Harriet W.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding during my physical therapy. I had decided that my body and mind were not going to be able to do the therapy that was required. You were always so caring and professional in reassuring me that we “will get the job done”. I was very fortunate to have you.

Again thank you for all of your assistance and help. I will certainly know where to go in the future if any issues develop. I would also like to commend the staff with respect to their courtesy, assistance and respect.

– S. Ellis

“I’m not just ‘blowing smoke’. Treatment was the best, most informed, & skilled medical treatment I’ve ever had!”

– Dan H.

“My therapist at Arrowhead Physical Therapy was one of the finest young men I have met over a long career. He immediately established a rapport with me that instilled confidence and enthusiasm in the workouts. Keep up the good work. The entire staff is to be congratulated on their work!”

– William T.

“My treatment has been fantastic, far exceeding my expectations! I have been physically and emotionally delighted with my treatment here.

I have given very positive feedback to my doctor, suggesting that he refer patients here. Thank you for everything!”

– Michelle L.

“I was extremely impressed with this facility and the therapists.”

– B. Hess

“I was totally pleased with the therapists and their helpers at the clinic.”

– L. King

“I am very happy with my treatment at Arrowhead Physical Therapy. The staff is friendly, nice and helpful and makes coming here fun. I really appreciate how the Physical Therapists and techs all help me stay on top of my exercises. I am getting better and will probably be done soon but I am sad to go because I will miss everyone.”

– R. Baker

“Arrowhead Physical Therapy is the best facility I have encountered. It is open and cheerful. All employees were courteous and congenial. The therapists were extremely knowledgeable about each individual’s needs and treatments. They were all instrumental in my extremely satisfactory recovery. I commend the owner for an A-1 facility and employees.”

– Anonymous

“Thanks for everything you have done. You’re all great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

– D. Frye

“I have such a great appreciation for APT following weeks of therapy. I appreciate the individual care, treatment and personal attention provided. I feel so fortunate to have found the therapist and staff, unlike my previous experience with physical therapy. Each staff member has been equally attentive and caring. I will not forget this experience.

God loves you and so do I for all you’ve done for me.”

– Roland

“As a Type 1 Diabetic, I struggled with weight gain, low self esteem, and fatigue most of my life. The experienced staff at Arrowhead Physical Therapy developed a personal fitness/wellness plan just for me! They successfully incorporated an easy to follow work out routine I could use at my local gym, as well as designing a healthy meal plan that was easy to stick to.

As a result, I lost 60 lbs, four dress sizes and cut my insulin intake in half! I never thought I could look and feel this great!

The staff was available to assist me every step of the way. Finally, a Fitness/Wellness program that really works! I highly recommend it to everyone!”

– Anonymous

“I was referred to Arrowhead Physical Therapy at the Carefree Highway and I-17 location.

I attended physical therapy three times a week for a fractured coccyx bone. My therapist was a complete joy and personable, always making sure I worked hard, but not enough to cause unbearable pain the next day. I actually enjoyed going to therapy. The staff boosted my confidence level. They were attentive and positive. Yesterday was my last day….bitter-sweet.”

– Julie F.

I had physical therapy 4 times at 4 different companies for different reasons. I was very impressed with the competency and attentiveness of your staff. My therapist acknowledged me when I arrived, even while working with someone else. I was instructed on proper exercise and asked pertinent questions about my status and activities since the last visit.

I would gladly recommend your facility to those in need of physical therapy. Also, I was surprised and pleased to see staff changing pillowcases and spraying the beds down all the time. I didn’t see that at the other companies.

I think you have an A+ staff and facility.

– Jane P.