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Our Health and Fitness Classes consist of small groups or one-on-one personal classes. The classes are designed to provide exercise programs that are functional, safe, and customized to your fitness needs. We offer custom fitness classes for those who wish to improve or focus on specific areas of sport or fitness.

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  • Spine Fitness focuses on core strength, flexibility, and mobility of the spine. This class is designed specifically to target, isolate, and strengthen the spinal muscle groups, as well as promote and improve flexibility. More information
Golf Fitness

Golf is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, balance and flexibility in order to produce a successful swing. The Arrowhead Physical Therapy Golf Fitness Program includes a functional assessment followed by personalized exercise sessions that thoroughly evaluate swing mechanics on a biomechanical level and identify body faults which may cause pain, decreased endurance or power, or an undesirable swing.

The Golf Fitness Program includes an initial evaluation with a full video swing analysis and musculoskeletal assessment followed by eight additional progressive exercise sessions. The program is designed to help participants play the game of golf at their highest level without causing injury. The sessions are personalized for each participant and are beneficial for golfers at all experience levels.

Please contact our office at (623) 486-2331 for additional information or to schedule your initial golf performance evaluation with our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Expert, Caleb Lionberger, PTA, ATC.

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